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60 EGP

A fragrant lip gloss and moisturizer. Just one layer provides ample hydration for a feminine and beautiful look.

125 EGP

Lip oil is perfect for those who love natural and moisturized lips, providing a subtle and colorless shine, enhancing hydration and antioxidants.

110 EGP

It contains lip scrub in its formula moisturizing oils and nourishing, providing renewal of the delicate skin of the lips, and eliminating dead cells and helps in repairing.

130 EGP

The lip scrub contains cocoa butter and avocado oil

105 EGP

Magic lipstick gives lips high coverage and long-lasting durability. It has high resilience and is rich in cocoa butter and jojoba oil, which helps nourish and moisturize.

120 EGP

Reduces lip cracking and moisturizes them, making them softer and shinier.