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255 EGP

Distinctive Feels Highlighter Powder Foundation

235 EGP

A Glowing Healthy Complexion with Good Adhesion and Pigmented Skin

185 EGP

Ideal for Defining, Illuminating, and Correcting Facial Features.

235 EGP

Enhance the Beauty of your Face and Perfectly Complement Your Makeup.

130 EGP

Highly pigmented and long-lasting, adding intense color to the lips with a creamy finish.

Chanyilly 10
Pudim 20
Mel 30
BemQ-Casado 40
Castanha 20
amendoa 30
3 More Clear
320 EGP

Correct Imperfections and Unify Skin Tone. Suitable for All Skin Types.

125 EGP

Shinning Lips with Intense Color and Volumizing Effect.

420 EGP

12 Vibrant and Lively Colors that are Perfect for Daily Use.

395 EGP

5 Matte Eyeshadow Shades, 4 Shimmer Shades for Excellent Pigmentation

230 EGP

Extremely Lightweight Loose Powder with a Silky Texture for a Perfect Face.

310 EGP

The Feels Mood palette utilizes 3 steps in basic makeup, including shades of highlighter, blush, and contour.

350 EGP

Extreme Radiant Glow, Beautiful Luminosity and a Highlighter

220 EGP

High pigmentation, Natural Effect, with a Soft Velvety Texture

145 EGP

Extremely Soft with a Creamy Texture and Quick Drying.

485 EGP

Shades of Highlighter, Blush and Contour.

155 EGP

Longer Makeup Durability and Moisture Protection

175 EGP

Reduces lip cracking and moisturizes them, making them softer and shinier.